Daffodil Altan of OC Weekly and her malicious and relentless campaign of libel against a GOOD DOCTOR!

Daffodil Altan of OC Weekly and her malicious and relentless campaign of libel against a GOOD DOCTOR!
On Tuesday, August 5, 2008 the Target Physician, his wife, and another witness attended a court hearing in a Santa Monica court room. The Target Physician was requesting his temporary restraining order be made a permanent restraining order against two individuals, Tina Minasian and Ken Mikulecky who have been stalking, terrorizing, threatening, and cyber-stalking the Target Physician and his wife for over 5 years. During the hearing, a court employee caught a news reporter recording without the Judge’s permission. The recording devise was immediately confiscated by the Judge. The reporter was Daffodil J. Altan from OC Weekly out of Orange County. She was sent there by Ms. Minasian and Mr. Mikulecky to again intimidate and get revenge against the Target Physician. By smearing both the Target Physician and his wife’s names in the print media, their intention is to not only destroy the Target Physician professionally and personally, but they hope some crazy person will come and hurt him, his wife, and their children so they don’t have to do it themselves. Daffodil Altan has published several sensationalized one-sided articles full of LIES badmouthing the Doctor by portraying him as a drunk doctor, murderer, butcher, etc…all of which is not true!!!!! It is pathetic that the OC Weekly is sitting in a Santa Monica court room illegally recording a hearing about Sacramento residents. No other news source was there. This was no scoop. This was the OC Weekly being manipulated and committing libel. Daffodil Altan knew it was illegal to record the proceedings and hence her failed attempt at doing it surreptitiously. She lied to the Judge about having permission. The intent of the restraining order was to limit further incitement against the Target Physician, his wife, and children. Ms. Altan’s story produced another invitation for violence. It’s unfortunate that Daffodil knows the truth, she has spoken with the Target Physician’s supporters and representatives, yet continues to print and distribute this shameless drivel.  (to be continued….)
http://www.cwa-union.org/source/how-tos/page.jsp?itemID=29050802 : I smell a libel lawsuit against Daffodil Altan, OC Weekly, Kurtis Ming, Channel 13, etc… in the very near future!